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Effects of high voltage transmission lines on humans and plants

Introduction: By increasing population of the world, towns are expanding, many buildings construct near high voltage overhead power transmission lines. The increase of power demand

June 22, 2013 Articles
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Hydel power plants in Uttarakhand

Hydel power generation from the projects affected by rains and floods in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh has been restored, according to an official. Due to

June 21, 2013 news
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India’s job growth is disappointing:

India must make employment a key driver of its growth strategy as higher economic growth does not create more jobs A sharp slowdown in the

June 21, 2013 Corporate News
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TESTING AND MAINTENANCE OF TRANSFORMERS                         Transformers are manufactured in a Industry as per a particular design, testing used to determine, whether the performance

June 21, 2013 Articles